Mamma 12 08 20 14019
by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
Alex clare
by Alex Clare
Senator Lieberman
by Senator Joe Lieberman
Avner Begin
by Yehuda Avner

“ We ask that we should truly feel that we lack nothing and that the world and ourselves are complete on Shabbat.”

by Lori Palatnik

Unsure what to cook for Shabbat post-Shabbat Project? Holocaust survivor Miriam Karimzadeh has a unique German spin on Persian favourite, Tadig – and it’s caught the eye of celebrities and celebrity foodies worldwide.

Read Miriam’s story.

by Miriam Karimzadeh
Tiffany Shlain
by Tiffany Shlain
Shabbat as Social Action

The day of rest reminds me that changing the world begins with improving myself.

by Akiva Gersh
Gilded Edges
by Sarah Tuttle-Singer
Rabbi Ari Shishler
by Rabbi Ari Shishler
Michael Gros

An encounter with the rock legend taught Jimmy Baron a lesson he’d never forget.

by Michael Gros
Noa Cacharel

How Shabbat and the teachings of an early 20th century Polish Kabbalist helped me find purpose, meaning and my true place in this world.

by Noa Cacharel
Featured Blog
Tiffany Shlain
The case for a tech Shabbat in a too-connected world
by Tiffany Shlain