Nov 30, 2015

Rabbi Roziel Pilatowsky: A Deeper Look (Shabbat Day Lunch)

What makes Shabbos so special that granted it to be part of the Ten Commandments? Rabbi Noach Weinberg zt"l, the late Aish HaTorah Rosh Yeshiva, used to teach that we constantly need to focus on what are the means and what are the goals in everything that we do in life. For example: Do we live to eat or eat to live?

Obviously, as much as we enjoy eating, no one would say that one of the goals of life is to eat. So too, we need to ask ourselves if we live to work or do we work to live? Is the famous American saying "time is money" true? Could it be that the goal of life is just to make as much money as we can? So here too, we need to stay focused that money and material possessions are only a means. And then, the real question is: What are we living for?

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