Quick ideas

Quick ideas

Rabbi Daniel Oppenheimer
by Rabbi Daniel Oppenheimer
Alex clare
by Alex Clare
by Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski

“ We ask that we should truly feel that we lack nothing and that the world and ourselves are complete on Shabbat.”

by Lori Palatnik

Unsure what to cook for Shabbat post-Shabbat Project? Holocaust survivor Miriam Karimzadeh has a unique German spin on Persian favourite, Tadig – and it’s caught the eye of celebrities and celebrity foodies worldwide.

Read Miriam’s story.

by Miriam Karimzadeh
Spillover effect

Beer pong, flip cup, keg parties, Toby Keith and… The Shabbat Project? As difficult as it is to believe, they do all share one thing in common.

by Simon Apfel
Digital Overload

These days, our lives seem to be nothing more than a succession of screens – smartphone, laptop, tablet, TV. Shabbat offers us respite – a chance to escape the Matrix, and experience reality in analogue. And for the rest of the week, Google and Apple, the world’s two biggest tech companies, are developing innovative apps to discourage smartphone overuse.

by Simon Apfel
Featured Blog
Digital Overload
Digital Overload: Solutions from an unlikely source
by Simon Apfel