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Personal reflections

Personal reflections

Sacha Star png

When a local bus stop suddenly starts to scream out your name. You have no choice but to listen and to stop every now and again and recharge your inner batteries. When Hashem whispers, don’t force Him to shout…

by Sasha Star

Samantha Wolf experienced how the Jewish day of rest brings people together. How it brings us closer to ourselves. How it brings us closer to God.

by Samantha Wolf
Simon Shear

Any major event can help us understand the world. A day like Shabbat exists to change it. To remind us not to confuse our intrinsic value with a self-contained utility-producing machine.

by Simon Shear

The extraordinary story of a set of Shabbat songs that travelled continents, traversed generations, healed hearts... and brought inexpressible joy.

by Michele Gelboin
Rav dovid cohen

After the chaos of the week, when it's time to bless the children on a Friday night, this is our uninterrupted moment to share in, completely.

by Rabbi Dovid Cohen
Senator Lieberman

Senator Joe Lieberman writes: 'Flowers on Friday afternoon is as much a gesture of respect and love for Shabbat as it is one of respect and love for my wife.'

by Senator Joe Lieberman
Ben Juda

Shabbat as a bulwark against transhumanism? Ben Judah argues that the laws of Shabbat safeguard something more essential than family time and Friday night dinners…

by Ben Judah
Daniel Browde

“It was a long time ago — I am 42 now — but I still think about that Shabbat. That feeling of a great spirit body moving across the face of the dark water is an experience I still marvel at and have never felt again.”

Join author Daniel Browde on a lyrical, mysterious journey back in time to a Shabbat that has stayed with him.

by Daniel Browde
Rosemary Friedman

In my twilight years, defined by early Jewish memories, I concluded that, while you can take the girl out of Shabbat, you can't take Shabbat out of the girl.

by Rosemary Friedman
Andrea Schneider

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. A time of death. And a time of life. I experienced the immeasurable loss of one person. And I filled the yawning chasm with a sense of belonging to an entire people... This is the story of how one fateful Shabbat changed everything.

by Andrea Schneider
Rugby copy

I have made plans to spend Shabbat with a super-frum community, who will be unaware that there is a rugby world cup on the go.

by Simon Apfel
Gilded Edges

This is our time as a family – when I put my phone down, when it’s just us around the table, the candles glowing, the wine sweet.

by Sarah Tuttle-Singer