Aug 5, 2015

Moises Nigri: A Deeper Look (Blessing the Children)

Translated from Portuguese

The Shabbat mitzvah that enchants me the most is blessing my children. We learn from our patriach Ya’akov that a blessing carries the most sincere feelings of the person giving the blessing. When I have my children standing before me at the Shabbat table, I am overcome by a feel of tremendous power as I give them blessings that are filled with love.

As I place my hands on my children’s head, I realise that I am able to pass positive energies to each child, encouraging them to grow in the Torah’s path, to practice goodness and to live up to their potential. After I bless each child, I take a moment to share a personal wish that I have for each of them. Each child reacts in their own way, often blessing me back. The feeling of unconditional love between myself, the parent, and my child is palpable in this moment.

This is a unique opportunity that is given to us by G-d every week. I find it difficult to find the words that can adequately express how gratifying it is to fill our Shabbat table with the energy that these blessings bring.

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