Nov 18, 2015

Mendi Katz: Behind the Scenes (Our Magical Shabbos In Vilna)

In line with Lita Lives’ vision of bringing life to Lithuanian Jewry, a group of about 15 Jewish men and women recently travelled to Vilna. The concept behind the trip was for guests to experience a 5 star, Glatt Kosher Shabbos in Vilna (Vilnius) - once the vibrant home to the ancestors of the majority of South African Jews. Simultaneously, Lita Lives made use of the trip to bring the concept of the worldwide Shabbos Project to the Lithuanian Jewish community.

On Thursday afternoon, 22 October, we touched down in a cold and cloudy Vilnius. There was little time to spare once we had checked in to the magnificent Kempinski Hotel. Vilna’s very first Challah Bake would begin early that same evening. A larger than expected crowd of 80 women and girls arrived with great excitement. Ladies from the Lita Lives group joined for an undeniably meaningful and inspiring unity event.

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