Apr 20, 2015

Lori Shifrin: A Deeper Look (Time out)

"On the seventh day thou shalt rest." Once a week G-d commands us to sit back, take a break, reboot and restore balance in our lives. Even though we have been handed this gift of rest and rejuvenation, many of us do not appreciate the benefits of this.

What is the importance of taking time out?

Fast forward to 2015 and even 10 years ago our lives were not this chaotic. We have become accustomed to working in stress-filled environments, operating under strenuous deadlines and put under pressure whether we are in the workplace or at home. We take on far more than we should and struggle to say 'no' occasionally. Burnout has become a term I hear about frequently amongst family, friends and clients so I began to look at it more closely.

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