Oct 15, 2015

Isaac Miracles: A Deeper Look Into Shabbat (Just Be: What We Can Learn From Lecha Dodi)

by Isaac Miracles

When the illusion of time disappears, we are left wandering what we need to do. And when that thought dissipates, we realize that there is nothing "we" really need to do - except "be". This is the essence of Shabbat. The essence of true joy. Not synthetic happiness that makes us believe we will be happy when get this or that or when we achieve this or that. The six days of our week help us appreciate that all our "doing" is really an illusion compared to the true values we experience during Shabbat. Family. Songs. Joy. Prayer. Food. Simplicity.

Shabbat is the elevation of time for true spiritual awakening.

Lecha Dodi Likrat Kala - Come my beloved, lets meet the bride

Peni Shabbat Nekabelah - "Accept" the Presence of "Being"

Isaac Miracles

Since 2007 Isaac Miracles has been making uplifting and inspiringly powerful music. Based in Montreal Canada, Miracles composes infectiously catch pop, EDM and hip hop that inspires true values through out the world. While his Jewish orthodox look might stick out, the content of his songs have struck a chord with people of all faiths and creeds. With artists like Matisyahu having paved the way for Miracles, Isaac takes his own path with music that's not limited by any genre or style. Isaac says he prefers to make "whatever makes the soul move" - and move you will with Isaacs latest single A.R.M.

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