Jul 28, 2015

Gaby Demby: Shabbat At Home (Gift Tags)

by Gabriela Demby

The weekend is around the corner and while you’re trying organise your long list of weekday errands, appointments, kids arrangements, your shopping list and dinner for tonight, you can’t help but think about your weekend plans. If you’ve got a super busy weekend planned, you’re probably not as excited as you could be if you knew that you could spend one of these days resting - and we mean, really resting.

This way, the thought of a break from your weekday responsibilities gets you through the week. Shabbos is the perfect way to truly rest.

Some of our readers might keep Shabbat every week, some of our readers have kept a couple Shabbat’s here and there, while for some, The Shabbos Project will be their very first Shabbat experience! How exciting! So let’s kick things off with a little Shabbat etiquette.

It’s always nice to get your spouse, your family or your friends a little something to wish them a good Shabbos. This can be anything from a bunch of flowers, to a bar of chocolate, a new card game or even their favourite soda drink.

If someone has been kind enough to invite you over for a Shabbos meal, the menchadik (mench - a person who does the right thing, a genuine and kind person. Menchadik - to behave as a mench would behave) thing to do is to give them a small gift that shows your appreciation. For more about Shabbos gift ideas click here. If you’ll be giving your host or your family a gift, you’re going to need a note to go with it.

We’ve created the perfect gift tags to accompany your Shabbos gift.

These cards can be printed out before Shabbos and attached to your gift.

What you will need:

  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Punch
  • Ribbon or thread
  • Pen
Gabriela Demby

Gabriela has never met a cup of tea she didn’t like. This writer is a novelist in the making, and has her sights set on bringing back a true appreciate for the written word. Gabriela is also a make-up artist and has a burning passion for reading, writing and travelling. Gabriela loves all things colourful, and draws a lot of inspiration from the people she surrounds herself with. Her over-active imagination combined with her background in creative brand communications has lead her to a career in creative writing and conceptual thinking.

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