Sep 1, 2015

Gaby Demby: Behind the scenes (Why join in?)

by Gabriela Demby

There is a real sense of belonging when we are part of a movement, a community or a project. When we choose to become part of something bigger than ourselves we instantly grow as we take our first step on the journey to enriching ourselves and our lives.

The Shabbos Project is an inclusive project that appeals to Jewish people around the globe. No matter your level of Jewish observance, The Shabbos Project welcomes everyone.

The Shabbos Project has bridged continents of Jewish people of all backgrounds and ages together, and has connected the world with a single timeless idea: Shabbat.

Shabbat in itself is an inclusive concept - despite the stigma of it being somewhat exclusive as a result of Shabbat’s do’s and don’t’s. These ‘restrictions’, as some see it, give us the perfect guidelines to creating an environment where we can truly connect with our thoughts, ourselves, our families, our friends and with G-d; making Shabbat completely inclusive.

On Shabbat, we come together with our friends and our family, we relish the warmth and calm that enters our home, we enter a full state of being. We experience the radiance of Shabbat and savour it throughout the rest of the week.

Shabbat gives us the opportunity to get in touch with our family, our souls and our minds while excluding everyday distractions.

The Shabbos Project magnifies the effects of Shabbat by involving all Jews from around the world, and inviting them to experience Shabbat first hand.

This ever-growing global movement, which touched the lives of 1 million Jewish participants last year, is vastly expanding its horizons to reach even more people this year. The Jewish community in South Africa inspired 465 cities in 65 countries to join in and bring The Shabbos Project to their countries.

The Shabbos Project is ready to move on to the next level; to expand by encompassing every city in every country around the world!

This means that we need you to join in.

There is a chair for you at the Shabbat table, together with millions of Jewish brothers and sisters around the world. You are an intricate piece to this project’s puzzle.

The Shabbos Project’s aim is to entice every Jewish person on this planet to pull up a chair and join The Shabbos Project family around the globe.

You might not believe in magic, but when The Shabbos Project hits your hometown, you will definitely feel its enchanted draw.

So join in, pull up a chair and be part of this year’s largest Shabbat table.
Gabriela Demby

Gabriela has never met a cup of tea she didn’t like. This writer is a novelist in the making, and has her sights set on bringing back a true appreciate for the written word. Gabriela is also a make-up artist and has a burning passion for reading, writing and travelling. Gabriela loves all things colourful, and draws a lot of inspiration from the people she surrounds herself with. Her over-active imagination combined with her background in creative brand communications has lead her to a career in creative writing and conceptual thinking.

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