Aug 4, 2015

Daniela Lowinger: Behind the Scenes (How Panama Got On Board)

It’s been almost a year since I first saw the promotional video for the The Shabbos Project 2013, which began in South Africa. The idea of uniting Jewish communities around the world with the goal of keeping one Shabbat together seemed spectacular, and it was a source of inspiration throughout the months of organization it took to turn this idea in a reality, here in Panama.

We pooled together a group of dedicated community members who kept the momentum and inspiration for the Shabbos Project going: Kid’s arts and crafts activities taught them about the Shabbos Project in a fun and educational way, while local schools had special Shabbat learning programs every Friday. Printed adverts, posters and flyers were sent around almost every week announcing community programmes connected to the Shabbos Project. Social media bustled with pictures of people Keeping it Together as well as photos of events and activities connected to the Shabbos Project.
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