Oct 16, 2015

Alex Fleksher: Behind the Scenes (Shabbos Is…Our Community Shabbos Project Video)

We knew we had to have a video. There’s no question that the Shabbos Project 2014 and 2015 videos coming out of South Africa proved to be the most powerful way to effectively communicate the message and meaning of the Shabbos Project. In fact, the passion of many of our board members was ignited by viewing those films and witnessing the global Jewish unity that the Shabbos Project has brought to Jews all over the world. So we had to make a film.

We were blessed to have the support of one of Cleveland’s top film makers, Steve Hacker. He immediately agreed to make a film for the Shabbos Project Cleveland. Amira Wolovitz, our marketing manager, and I got the opportunity to learn the tools of the trade of filmmaking. We created the concept, wrote script, acquired the “actors,” ran the shooting sessions, and even sat in on hours of editing. Now we were Shabbos Project Cleveland video producers! It was an honor to work with Steve who, himself Jewish, was committed to making this inspirational film for us.

Our video shows members of all stripes and denominations. We are very proud to showcase them here, all coming together to strengthen their Jewish identity around one single cause. And it’s all about Shabbos! We wanted our viewers to hear from real Jewish Clevelanders why Shabbos is meaningful to them. Why Shabbos makes them excited. Why Shabbos enhances their lives. And why The Shabbos Project is a once in a lifetime experience that cannot be missed.

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