The Shabbat Project

The Shabbat Project is a global, grassroots movement that brings Jews from across the world together around our shared heritage of Shabbat. The initiative was introduced in South Africa in 2013 to astonishing effect, and in the days that followed, the Jewish world heard, and was inspired by, how the majority of the community kept Shabbat in full, and how Jews were brought together in unprecedented ways.


The concept is simple: Jews from all walks of life, from across the spectrum – religious, secular and traditional, young and old, from all corners of the world – unite to experience one full Shabbat together, in full accordance with Jewish law.

The wholehearted embrace of The Shabbat Project by Jews from across every conceivable divide – language, culture, background, geography, level of observance – demonstrated in the most graphic fashion the depth of the connection between the Jewish people and Shabbat.

The Shabbat Project is about creating a new Jewish future based on Jewish unity, pride and values. The Shabbat Project transcends the barriers that seem to separate us. It is our opportunity to rejuvenate family and community life, restore Jewish pride and identity, and strengthen Jewish unity across the globe.

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Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein

Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein is the current Chief Rabbi of South Africa and the founder of The Shabbat Project. In his 12 years in office, he has launched and led a number of revolutionary initiatives that have changed the landscape of both his own community and indeed world Jewry.

He is passionate about The Shabbat Project, which has been embraced and implemented by world Jewry, uniting Jews in over 1150 cities and 95 countries through the keeping of one complete Shabbat together.

A qualified dayan, Rabbi Goldstein has published several books, including Sefer Mishpat Tzedek, Defending the Human Spirit and The Legacy. The Chief Rabbi has a PhD in human rights and constitutional law and is a regular columnist for the Jerusalem Post.

The Shabbat Project Manifesto

01 Together we will  keep this Shabbat from sundown to stars out. 

02 We will keep it in its entirety, in all of its detail and splendour as it has been kept throughout the ages.

03 Its rhythm will unite us with Jews around the world and throughout the ages.

04 On this day we will create a warm and loving space, holding our families together.

 On this day we will lay down the burdens, distractions, demands and pressures of daily life.

06 On this day we will renew ourselves, emerging spiritually, emotionally and physically invigorated.

07 On this day we will own our precious heritage, wearing it as a badge of pride and honour.

08 Together we embark on this great adventure to rediscover our G-d-given gift of Shabbat.