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It all began in South Africa back in 2013 when Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein ran one big audacious idea past the community - what if we all got together to experience one complete Shabbat...

Shabbat has kept us together across continents and throughout time.
What if Shabbat – the Chief Rabbi wondered aloud – has the secret power to bring us back together, renew our sense of pride as a community, reconnect us to one another and reinvigorate our families and personal life?

The initiative was such a runaway success that communities around the world wanted in on it from year two.

Today, Jews in over 1,688 cities get together annually to experience the magic of Shabbat. In 10 languages – from Panama City to Paris, Long Island to Lagos – Jews are uniting to #KeepItTogether.

The Shabbat Project shows us what a new Jewish future could look like.

Help grow The Shabbat Project.

Challah Bake 59


"The most ambitious Jewish identity initiative ever undertaken"- Jerusalem Post
"...An experiment that has no precedent in modern Jewish history"- Mishpacha magazine
"A global movement"- Washington Post
"A global movement"- Washington Post
Chief Rabbi Goldstein

Shabbat Project founder, Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein, is a spiritual entrepreneur and the Chief Rabbi of South Africa. He has launched and led a number of innovative initiatives that have changed the landscape of both his own community and world Jewry. A qualified dayan, Rabbi Goldstein has published several books and has a PhD in human rights and constitutional law.

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