can do that

From the mundane to the holy. The timely to the timeless. The ordinary to the extraordinary. Shabbat can do that. 11/12 November 2016.


As part of the Shabbat Project, we are encouraging people from different parts of the community to come together and experience the beauty of a Shabbat meal together on Friday, 23rd October or Saturday, 24th October.

We are here to guide your hosts every step of the way, with invitations to download, print and distribute as well as an exclusive Shabbat Kit! Feel free to invite your Jewish neighbours, dance class friends, local sports team, or children's friendship circle.

Across the world in 65 countries, 465 cities, 1 million Jews will be doing the same thing. We hope you can join us. Please fill out this form to arrange a dinner in your home, local park or street and we'll be in touch.

Thanks for hosting! We will soon send you a series of exciting emails including recipes, vouchers and lots more! Please help spread the word and get people you know to sign up as well!
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